vendredi 21 mars 2014

Ça a débuté comme ça #21 (la Saint-Robert)

Schoolmates (Robert Smith, Michael Depsey, Lol Tolhurst) along with Porl Thompson - found "Malice" current 1976. Their first liver performance took place at Worth Abbey, Crawley and was all acoustic (bongos/guitars) and instrumental. The next concert, two days later, took place at their own school. The repertoire from that memorable day mostly included cover versions: Wild Thing, Suffragette City, Foxy Lady, Jaibreak. January 1977 : the band changed their name to "Easy Cure" based on a song written by Lol at the time: "I don't need no Easy Cure". The line-up included Robert Smith on guitar, Porl Thompson on guitar, Michael Dempsey on bass, Lol Tolhurst on drums and Peter O'Toole on vocals.

[Robert Smith, Plant aussi et Zimmerman, et Raoul Vaneigem clic-clic.]

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