mercredi 22 octobre 2014

Agit-Prop #2

- Union official (in Italian) reading the book title : How to Read Das Kapital : Good. (Writing a dedication in the book) : In friendship and regard for the inhabitants of the Third World. (He hands it to the Indian, then stops him as he is about to go off.) One moment. Start at chapter two.
- Female Voice Over : What did the revisionist schoolteacher just say ? He said: ‘Read Das Kapital.’ He did not ask you to use it. Use it. He criticizes the defects of the people, but he does not do this from the people’s point of view. By treating a comrade like you do an enemy, he has taken the position of the enemy.

[Lire le Capital : Althusser est mort le 22 octobre 1990. D'autres fois Salomé, Eric Ambler, Pablo Casals, le chant des oiseaux, et Joe Dassin, tellement bu tellement fumé clic-clic. Le film, c'est Le Vent d'Est, Groupe Dziga Vertov, 1969 ou 70, on ne sait plus bien.]

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