mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Mercredi (A-lula)

And while we’re on Gene Vincent, have a photo of him at the Cavern, 1 July 1962, taken by Mike McCartney. 
Mike McCartney: “The second of the experimental limited edition lithographs. I haven’t seen another photograph of Gene Vincent on the Cavern stage, so this image must be quite historic. Taken from the back of the stage, where only Bob Wooler, the groups (and brothers) were allowed. Around the corner, checking in Gene’s black overcoat was Cilla Black (and White!). Gene’s in cool head-to-toe leathers, singing Be Bop a Lula, but you can clearly see that the fans weren’t over excited by the presence of one of our heroes, as they were waiting for my brother and his group to come on… particularly the ones in striped shirts.” 
Scanned from “Mike McCartney’s Liverpool Life”.

[Le 12 octobre, surtout Gene Vincent, Ferrat, live, aussi clic-clic.]

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