mardi 13 juin 2017

Ping-pong #15 (a Very Merry Unbirthday #278)

I did two weeks of narration. It was like the purest kind of film making. You know, just a Sennheiser-microphon and a nagra, that was all you have. No operator, just Stanley pushing the button. That was it. It was highly concentrated, so I'd say: "Well, I gotta stretch my legs." and he'd say "ping pong" He was always trying to beat me which he never did - not at ping pong. Chess - another matter. Anyway, so we have fun, we come back, we do another piece - the voice over works very well. 
So about ... maybe six months later my agent said: "Oh, by the way, Malcolm, you have two weeks of voice over you haven't been paid for yet." And I went: "Oooh. Well, I'm going out to see Stanley this afternoon and I'll mention it to him." So as I was leaving I think I said: "Oh, by the way, Stanley, my agent informed me that I haven't been paid for the two weeks narration." 
He had a slide ruler in his pocket and he took the slide ruler out, he went like this (mimics) and he went: "I pay you for a week." - "A week ?" 
He goes: "Yep. The other week was ping pong."

[Malcom McDowell, un an de plus, Christo pareil. Saint Antoine, aussi, le 13 juin, Elvis le rouge, et Dantec. Et une chanson imparable clic-clic.]

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