vendredi 4 janvier 2013

Dans les livres #135

She reached the top and turned to the driver :
- Mr. Marlowe will drive me to my hotel, Amos. Thank you for everything. I'll call you in the morning.
- Yes, Mrs. Loring. May I ask Mr. Marlowe a question ?
- Certainly, Amos.
He put the overnight case down inside the door and she went in past me and left us.
- "I grow old. . . I grow old. . I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled." What does that mean, Mr. Marlowe ?
- Not a bloody thing. It just sounds good.
 He smiled. 
- That is from the "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock." Here's another one. "In the room the women come and go / Talking of Michael Angelo." Does that suggest anything to you, sir ?
- Yeah - it suggests to me that the guy didn't know very much about women.
- My sentiments exactly, Sir. Nonetheless I admire T. S. Eliot very much.

[Le 4 janvier clic-clic, T.S. Eliot donc, Angela Davis et le pays des aigles.]

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