mardi 14 septembre 2021

Conclave (Networking #14)

Literature Poets of S.F. , circa 1965. Conclave of poets assembled at City Lights. Upper Top Row: Stella Levy, lawrence Ferlinghetti. Second standing row: Donald Schenker, Michael Grieg, unknown person, Mike Gibbons, David Miltger, Michael McClure, Allan Ginsberg, Dan Langton, Steve Brostan, gary Goodraw and son Homer, Richard Brautigan (in back of Goodrow). Seated: unknown person, Shig Murao, Lew Welch, Peter Orlovsk. ;PETER BREINIG/THE CHRONICLE 1965 ;150 anniversary maybe (Photo by Peter Breining/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images).

[Le 14 septembre clic-clic, c'est Brautigan, Grace Kelly, Dante, Isadora Duncan, Corneille, Miossec, Butor et Monory.]

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